9 February 2007

Somethin' Stupid

I have knitted enough soakers in my time to know that you need smaller needles for the waistband, so how I forgot to on this project escapes me. To top it off, I had some waste yarn pulled through the casing, so I did not notice how huge the waistband is until just now. So I have to decide whether to keep going or to pull it apart and start again. This one is going over for Amber, so I expect that lots of nieces and nephews to come will use the soaker and I don't really want my sisters and mother to think "Lisa is a sloppy knitter" every time they change their treasures nappies.

Some good news is this week I saw a great idea which I have incorporated into this soaker; rib in the centre of the garment for a great fit and extra wool in the wet zone.

Now, to pull or not to pull is the question.


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