4 March 2008

Spring is Here!

Well, I just wrote a really long post about how wonderful things are going, how much I love our new place and feel so inspired here but lost it for some reason. So I went to my dashboard to spring clean my blog and had more trouble trying to amend my template. Both these things reminded me of exactly why I have not been around so much lately.....

Anyway, here is the Readers Digest version of what I was saying.

New house is great!

Have been knitting again. I made the doll sleeping bags and pillows for the girls and have a project on the go as a suprise for a friend who has a lot on right now as well as teaching G how to finger knit. Our young neighbour from Austria is quite the finger knitter too. One afternoon she made a skipping rope which the children have played with quite a few times since.

After our wonderful winter Dubai style spring is in full bloom and we are doing lots of spring craft activities. I now finally get the easter bunny thing too. Bunnys and eggs makes sense in Spring rather than Autumn.

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