22 April 2008


One of the public hospitals in the city is in the process of becoming accredited in UNICEF's Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative As a member of the support group who will be assisting the hospital with step 10 on the list of requirements, I was at a meeting last month knitting away when one of the hospitals Lactation Consultants asked if I could knit up some breasts to use for demonstrations.

Here are the first few. It is a really simple pattern that evolved as I was working on them ensuring each one was quite different. It is a little hard to tell from the photo but the centre one has an inverted nipple. I hope they prove to be useful to the hospital. I plan to do more with other skin tones (if I can find suitable yarns) and even more size and shape variations.

The girls will be sad to say goodbye to them. They enjoyed putting them down their shirts and squealing "I have breasts" while running around the compound.


  1. Wow those are amazing!!!what a great job!xoxo

  2. Haha I know my 5 year old would be doing just that too! But seriously - they are fantastic, I love that they are unique. What a great project to be involved with.

  3. thats hilarious....I could just see my kiddilinks putting them down their tops too!!!

  4. What a fantastic initiative! They turned out really well - love the different sizes and colours!!

  5. These are great! I think I can see one of mine there! Haha! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Keep posting!

  6. Wow - I love them. They turned out beautifully.
    What fun to be able to knit boobs for a good cause!


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