6 April 2008

This Is... My Knick Knack Box

I'm joining in the fun of This Is...

...my knick knack box, a gift from a dear friend for a season who I still think of very fondly.

So what's inside?

  • an old paper Aussie $2 note

  • seasick wristbands which I bought before my Fair Princess cruise back in the 90's

  • a satin drawstring pouch

  • my girls' amber teething necklaces

  • beaded bracelet

  • a twin bead to the one I placed on my special friend's blessingway necklace

  • rose quartz heart

  • a couple of crystals that used to hang by my bedroom window

  • superhero Lisa Simpson

  • compact mirror

  • box of matches from Jupiters Casino

  • heaps of colourful safety pins- all matched up together

  • a random key

  • microfibre glasses cleaning cloth

  • a plain silver ring bought from a street vendor outside La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

  • dice

  • bell

  • insence that is just for keeping the box smelling yummy

  • 5c (Aussie again)


  1. Love the $2 note. I'm sure I have a few of these... somewhere... :)

  2. Lisa, the microfibre glasses cleaning cloth brought such a clear focus picture of you into me, I went all teary missing you and being grateful and thankful to have you as a friend who remembers me on my Birthday. Love you. Glenda


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