20 April 2008

This Is... My Latest Discovery

My latest discovery is that once it sprouts, ginger grows very quickly. The first photo was taken ten days ago and the second earlier today. It has been so easy to grow. I popped some ginger from the grocer into some potting mix and watered once a week until it sprouted and now water everyday.

Another latest discovery is that one of the people from last week's This Is will be having a baby this Spring (Aussie spring for Northern Hemisphere readers)

Thanks to KnitOwl and Three Buttons


  1. ooh, I'm going to give that a go. I'm not always very succesful in the gardening department but this looks way easy. Does it flower too?

  2. It's almost too easy.

    I read that they can flower after several months, but I am going to be away from here with DH to take care of it. I have a feeling that at the end of the northern summer I will be planting again. :(

  3. I love watching flowers and plants grow, it is just amazing. What a great discovery.


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