11 May 2008

This Is... Mother's Day

To celebrate this special day I will be doing both themes offered at Three Buttons

From Zoesquid This is... a photo of my mother and the best piece of advice my she gave me.

So this is my Mum, back in the 70's when she was just 20. The stunning creature in her arms is me, her third child and there are another six after me. (yes we had a TV, no we are not any religion that encourages making lots of babies, yes my parents understood how the birds and the bees works)

The best piece of advice was not really something that she ever had to say, but what she demonstrated through her actions; mothers milk is the normal food for little ones and breastfeeding is normal. My breastfeeding relationships with my own daughters have been very important. After a rough start with my first, I may have given up had I not seen breastfeeding as a part of our family life growing up.

From Angela at Three Buttons, This reminds me of my mother.

Tupperware! For a time when I was younger she was a Tupperware lady. She didn't do much for herself outside the home so it was good to see her doing something other than caring for us. I liked watching her get dressed up to go out and enjoyed getting into her sales kit. She bought a TV with some of the money she earned and it was still going strong many years after she finished up with them.

I still think of her when I use my extensive collection.

Happy Mother's Day


  1. Just stopping by to wish you a happy mothers day..I hope it was a great day for you.


  2. Wow your mum sounds amazing! Hope you enjoyed mother's day.

  3. Sounds as if you had some opportunities for ojt mothering-training as you were growing up. That can certainly help.

  4. tupperware! I love that word and everything it conjours up in my mind. Great post!

  5. tupperware! I love that word and everything it conjours up in my mind. Great post!

  6. Susan Marguerite22 May 2010 at 10:41 am

    Tupperware. A great product, but I really hated it when sweet old ladies would buy some at a party to help the hostess get the points that she needed. And that same sweet old lady had a cupboard full of the stuff that she had never opened.

    Breast feeding... it's only natural and something that was not as common back in the 70s as it is now, too many women whose own mothers had been told that they "couldn't breast feed" for any one of a number of "reasons" dreamed up by the medical establishment. But Mothers reclaimed breast feeding and now they are in the majority.

    Both of my daughters who are Mothers are a source of pride to me, they are wonderful caring Mothers who give the best they can to their infants and toddlers.

    I am so pleased to read Lisa's words on my influence in the breast feeding department.


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