7 June 2008

Textile Souk

For the fabric fiends out there, Dubai's Textile Souk. We popped in this evening to get some souvenirs to take to Australia and I must say, we had a blast. Funnily enough, we lost DH at one stage which really should have been very difficult to do. With our very pale skin we stood out as no tourist in their right mind is about in downtown Bur Dubai at that time of day during summer.
Oh and my lens kept fogging up because it is just so hot and humid now.


  1. That looks amazing...so much colour! I don't envy the hot and humid though - I'm more tolerant of the dry heat of SA.

  2. Well now your just rubbing it in aren't you. Exotic location, amazing textiles - not fair at all. I do remember the heat though and don't envy you that.

  3. All I can say is OMG!!!!! So beautiful!!! I was at Spolight this morning sort of pales in comparison don'tcha think LOL.

  4. Oh heavens, Im quite speechless at the beauty (althought that may just be the drool;-).

    Spotties does indeed pale into nothingness!

  5. I don't think I ever saw that when in Dubai, but it clearly shows the effects of all that trading.

    I do recall having to use the windshield wipers with the humidity [ not rain. Ah...summer in the Gulf.

  6. What a scene, weirdly I love heat and humidity (must be cos in Tassie, we just don't get that much of it) makes everything feel more exotic, surrounded by all those beautiful fabrics - Gorgeous

  7. Wow, those fabrics are georgeous! I am very pleased to find your blog by the way, it has been a good read with my morning tea today.

  8. Look at all those yummy textiles! How long are you going to Oz for?

  9. Oh I am sure you found some treasures... wow.

    (By the way you can dry my washing for me).


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