28 July 2008

Just a Minute... In July

Just saw this meme hosted by Jenaveve at August Street so thought I might have a go too. With my lack of blogging this month I feel I have some making up to do.

In July I'm...

Reading... Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette and not many blogs due to lack of computer time :(

Listening... to Songs to Make you Smile by Justine Clarke. My girls are big fans and were very happy her new CD came out the week after we arrived in Australia.

Travelling... Up and down the M1 from north of Brisbane to the Gold Coast a couple of times a week.

Learning... Exactly how much my children crave the regular rhythm of their day now that we are on holidays and finding our days more unpredictable

Finding... The rain and cold weather a wonderful change from the endless blue skies and heat of Dubai

Eating... Vegetable soup. My very favourite winter food. I cook up a batch each week or two and would serve it every night if my family would not complain so much.

Knitting... up a storm in preparation for our Melbourne trip in a couple of weeks. If I am so cold with a South East Qld winter imagine how I will go down south!


  1. I love reading of your trip back to Australia. It's like looking at it with fresh eyes. It's a treat. Go the knitting, it's freezing in Sydney too!

  2. I'm feeling totally caught up with you now. I like this Just A Minute Meme. Should try and play along some time.

    How long are you going to be around Thornbury way for?

  3. Hey Lisa,
    hope you and the girls have a great trip :-) We'll try and make sure Melbourne puts on a good show weather-wise for you!

  4. Justine's girl goes to Kindy with my boy...she's lovely! we went to see her concert during the school holidays...really fun!!!
    im a fan of any soup!

  5. Hope you're having a great trip. Hubby just left for Brisbane today.

  6. That sounds like an interesting book. Janeveve let me in on GoodReads so now I have a place to store my to-read list.

    Funny you mentioning how the rain and cold are welcome. I recall that feeling during the years in Thailand. Endless sunshine and there was no feeling of time passing. No wonder 'Be in the now' came from that part of the world!


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