29 November 2008

Today's sunset and some festivity in Dubai

It's super grainy because it was taken on my phone, but this was the gorgeous sunset my family got to enjoy after a spot of shopping. I know, your boring typical view from your local shopping centre. Don't know why I'm sharing it really. Because it was quite hazy, you can't really appreciate how massive the Burj Dubai just to the right of the sun actually is. If I think about it next time I am at the shops I will take a decent camera to show what the skyline is like these days.

This time of year is amazing. The weather is gorgeous and people are moving into holiday mode with National Day this coming week, Eid next and Christmas just around the corner.

In true Dubai style where bigger is better, at the centre was a massive Christmas tree. Again, the shot is with my phone, so quality pretty ordinary but to help you with scale, that is a full sized palm tree in the foreground and I was standing about 2 metres above the level the tree started on.

In knitting news, I am four balls into eight for the baby blanket and completed one legwarmer. Not a scrap of Christmas knitting as yet despite some great patterns in the last few copies of Simply Knitting.


  1. I love seeing how different countries decorate for Christmas - your shopping area looks very picturesque!!

  2. I love that first shot. I can't wait to visit Dubai again one day.

  3. Wow awesome shots, that tree is beautiful!

  4. And I meant to say - well done on the knitting! I can't wait to see the baby blanket in all its glory!

  5. yeah it is always like that in Dubai , bigger is better :) but this year decoration for the National day is somehow amazing..

  6. Beautiful photos!
    I loved being on the same side of the world as you, if only for a little while. Israel was great!


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