12 December 2008

I knew this day would come

Snap goes the knitpicks.

I have been working with wooden knitting needles for a couple of years now and this evening I suffered my first casualty. Naturally 4mm and of course my much loved knitpicks harmony.

Such a shame as I really have my groove on with this baby blanket and am past the halfway mark. Now I will have to wait for a replacement tip to arrive.

The silver lining is that I have been wanting to order a couple of extra plastic sleeves for my needles, 12mm tips and a set of DPNs for a little while so I took this opportunity to get them. If they arrive in time I will wrap the extra goodies to open Christmas day.


  1. I love those needles. I'm going to treat myself to some one day.

  2. Oh no.... on the bright side though a pressie is a pressie. Is the knitpicks covered by a warranty?
    The Blanket is looking beautiful by the way. I have a blanket pattern I want to make but just have to order the yarn, plus find the time to cast on let alone actually knit. My bed seems to call me really early these nights lol....
    Jen xxx

  3. I bet the wood feels just wonderful in your hands. To a quick tip replacement!


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