20 December 2008

Love Fridays

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the giant Christmas tree at my local shopping mall? Well I learned a little something about it this week which made our family want to go back for another look this time with my proper camera and a couple of different lenses.

Those are not your everyday ornaments but are actually 40 000 Swarovski Crystals each retailing for over $140 AUD! Even more astounding is the fact that there is a lone security guard and you can walk right up to the tree.

They are just gorgeous. Sadly my photos do no justice to the way they twinkle in the sunlight.

Looking up.

Here is a close up of the star at the top

This one is from inside the centre, with the Burj Dubai in the background.

While I was taking that last shot, sneaky DH and G were off buying me these.

Our festive season has been extra special this year and DH wanted me to have a keepsake.


  1. Wow! How amazing! Is the tree heavily guarded then? How sweet that your dh snuck off to buy you a few!

  2. Oh, isn't that sweet. And what an amazing tree. I love the excess that is Dubai.

  3. That is just decadent! But probably par for the course in Dubai. What a good dh you have! Those snowflakes are gorgeous!

  4. Oooh you lucky lady what a wonderful surprise, memories will stay fresh forever with such a reminder. Truly beautiful.

  5. Ohhhh...I have always wanted a swarovski christmas ornament, gorgeous!

  6. Ah yes...the Gulf does know how to do it big. That looks quite tasteful too.

    Nice crystals for you too!

  7. How amazing! Love your trio of ornaments - just beautiful!


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