10 February 2010

5 days to go.. gathering

There are some interesting new things in our home this week. From ear plugs and head wraps to protect her ears from the wet once her grommets (ear tubes) are inserted to rocking pink arm splints and fan dangled teats.  

Her splints are made with love by a CleftPALS volunteer and the association will buy them back after her two weeks of torture, but I think we should save them as a souvenir. 

Mood today- thankful
For the lovely warm wishes and messages of love and hope we have received. 
For some generous offers of help that have come our way.
That DH will be able to take time off work so our big girls can have him to care for them.
Finally that our darling is strong and healthy. She will bounce back.


  1. Love the cute arm restraints. Aiden's were boring blue. We held onto his for souvenir. So glad DH can take some time off to help out at home. I know that will make all the difference in the world so that your attention will not have to be split wondering if things are being taken care of at home. And hooray that little one is healthy. May she continue to stay that way in the coming days leading up to surgery and the weeks after during healing.
    *Don't forget lots of pictures in the next few days - I love all the pics we took and never find myself saying we took too many, if anything we could never take enough to remember all that we have gone through. You are in my thoughts. :)

  2. Thinking of you as always.
    Wish I could see you before but will see you as soon as I can after.
    All love
    Jen xxx


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