8 February 2010

7 days to go- contemplating

One week out and today I have been contemplating things big and small.

Big things-
  • How will she feel to wake up with her face feeling entirely different.
    • my guess is she will adapt very quickly. It will be us who need a little more time.
  • What effect will all of this have on her sisters
    • they will really miss us and will be concerned if they see her in pain. As for her appearance, they completely love her and take her as she is, no worries there.
  • Will anything go wrong
    • Probably not. She is in great hands.
Not so big things-
  • How much milk should I take in just in case my supply drops significantly while we are in there
    • If I don't take enough, I can always ask for DH or someone to bring some in. 
  • Questions to ask at our pre op appointment tomorrow
    • I feel really well informed about the surgery and admission process from the information already supplied. Really just housekeeping questions about life on the ward, and maybe a look tomorrow to get a feel for the lay of the land.
  • What I need to buy to take in
  • How to finish her little cardi. Because she will have a sore mouth, we won't want to be putting clothes over her head so I have knit a few things to wear. Just need to work out the finishing touches
  • What do I need to organise so things run smoothly here while we are away
Great thing-
    • I am trying for now not to think of what she will do with nasal stents if they are fitted. One thing at a time Lisa
All in all, as the day edges closer, I feel somewhat organised and ready for the next chapter. Before one of H's appointments with her orthodontist I met a lovely couple with a sweet 4 year old daughter who has the same kind of cleft as our darling. They said that at the time her lip repair seemed like a massive deal but now it is just a distant memory. I expect that before I know it, I will be saying the very same thing to someone else.


    1. I'll try to help a little. Since you live so far away things might be different for you than it was for us. I brought a ton of milk and even some extra formula. After surgery we had to syringe feed and the milk quickly got watered down or bloody when we refilled the syringe. I also brought a lot of small 2oz bottles, bibs, button front shirts, blankets or other lovies, and all the other basic supplies. I would recommend ordering some Snuggle Wraps if they're going to do arm restraints...they're the best (http://www.pediatricmedicalsolutions.com/). Make sure you bring everything you'll need for you and wear old shirts that you won't mind getting blood or drainage on.

      It was a shock for me to see Camden so different. I was really freaked out at first. I missed her old face, but she was the same baby and we loved her new face in no time. Take a ton of pictures of the whole experience.

      I can't think of anything else right now :). We'll be thinking of you guys though and keeping an eye out for updates!

    2. Dear Ms Lisa,
      I must congratulate you for being a wonderful mother for a child with a cleft lip.
      I as a Cleft Orthodontist always feel that the greatest effort is of the parents apart from the whole lot of Cleft team members.
      Your child will be just like any other child once the inital first week of surgery is done.
      Keep a watch on the teething which will start at 6 months and probably if your child has a cleft palate as well,there will be a surgery scheduled at 10 months to help the child speak well and grow into a active and mischevious toddler.
      Best of regards to you and your family,
      Dr.Chintamani Kale
      Cleft Orthodontist

    3. Hi Lisa,
      I love the way you are meeting your questions and accepting the answers - I know it doesn't make it any easier to stop the worries, but it is a healthier way to approach them. I've been through hospital experiences too with my little one, for different reasons, but still facing the unknown. You are being brave and wonderful for your little one, and she knows it.


    Thank-you for stopping by