2 May 2010

An antisocial month

I have been in quite an antisocial place over the last month or so. It began when the girls all got sick right round the school holidays. I had it too but have not quite found my groove again. Computer time seems to have vanished all together and I am falling asleep early in the evening, setting my alarm for my 10pm pump. On top of that, H is getting to the age where people are beginning to ask when I am going to stop expressing milk for her. I am not ready to stop yet and only want to hear encouraging words. Finally, even if I wanted to get out and about more I have to plan things around my pumping schedule.

H is crawling all over the place and eating everything in sight. Some of my younger sibs were little vacuums like her, scouring the floor and putting each little thing in their mouths so her ways are not a complete shock to me, but still very different from big sisters. 

Speaking of, G is going very well and enjoying school and guitar. Her swimming really came along before the break started too. Poor B is still working on getting over the bug she had. She is not quite 100% yet, but we are working on it.

I have been doing a little knitting. Mainly drink cosies for the school fete which is coming up in July. I am going to market them toward both coffee and smoothie cups. It has been a good way of reducing my scrap yarn and I can donate the ones that don't sell for next years Mother's Day stall. 

Then there is Lacy Baktus for my gorgeous Homeopath. I don't know how I would have made it through the last 12 months without her. 

The photo is really dodgy because I was in a rush to get it to her.


Yarn Moda Vera Baci
Needle 7mm

The girls have been asking me to teach them knitting again. I really struggle each time I try to show them because I knit left handed (mirror to the English method). When I try to show them right handed  knitting it almost blows my mind. I just can't do it very well.

Yesterday I had a go at Continental with the Norwegian Purl and I may well be a total convert. Time will tell. As for the teaching, B said that I can finish the doll blanket for her, so it looks like class is dismissed until next time one of them ask to learn.


  1. Keep on feeding her for as long as you want. I had a little cleft girl and was only able to express for 2 months. When I could get no more than a teaspoon out I gave up. Obviously I had dried up but didn't realise that until actually this minute writing this. That was 22 years ago when they weere still using the Rosti bottle and imposing all kinds of restrictions and lack of help. If you feel closer to your darling then good for you!! I am definitely on your side. Cherrie

  2. Good to see you blogging again. I know how you feel- I've felt very antisocial too lately.

    I can't understand why it would be anyone's business how long you express for H. Good on you for distancing yourself from people like that. I hear you about the pumping thing, although I'm lazy and just do it when I suddenly realise my boobs are rock-hard!

    I'm glad H is going well. E is having her operation on the 6th of July and we're seeing the orthodontist on Tuesday to see about having a plate fitted.

  3. You keep pumping girl until you and only you are ready to give it up. You will no the right time, like with the other girls wearned and so will your body. Its great for miss H too. Just remember sometime we listen to to much and take it in. Listen but let it go. I should have asked what time suits over the weekend. I'm just trying to give Georgia some time at home with a few small adventures in the morning.


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