11 June 2010

Nine months

Nine months ago the sweet girl beside me was a tiny little baby less than 24 hours old. She was drinking mls of colostrum through a syringe while sucking on a finger. Now she wants to hold her very own bottle. (still my
milk- Hooray!!)

Less than two weeks until her palate repair and I am feeling those same things again. Some of the unknown has been removed and I know full well that her recovery will be horrible and sad and overwhelming for both her and me. She is still refusing to use appropriate teats for post op and I fear that things are going to be even worse in the feeding department than after her lip repair.

For now though, here's to a my sweet, tenacious, funny, joyous 9 month old.


  1. What a beautiful photo!
    And congratulations on 9 months of EPing!
    xx Lu

  2. what a gorgeous girl, and what a journey you've been through together. I thought of you when Felix was in hospital on the weekend. I know how hard constant medical intervention is for such a little one, when they dont understand not to pull at the things that help them recover. I hope you find a way to get her though these hard times.

    You have done an AMAZING job of expressing and you can see that breastmilk definitely agrees with her :) such a gorgeous little one :)

  3. Oh she's gorgeous and you have done such a great job persevering with the breastfeeding/ expressing. You really deserve to have a trouble free round of surgery and recovery. Your realistic approach to it is sure to stand you in good stead when everything feels a bit crazy out of control in the recovery phase. Best Wishes for trouble free surgery for the little one and a short and sweet recovery. Big Hugs for Mum and bub as you both face this next challenge.

  4. you're both incredible, holding you in our hearts x


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