17 June 2010

Sign baby

H's Speech Therapist suggested introducing some signs to help her on the way to speaking. I think even after palate repair it will be good while she works out what to do with all the new sounds she will (hopefully!!) be able to make. I have been making the sign for milk with her over the last couple of weeks as well as singing songs with gestures like Twinkle Twinkle and Open Shut Them.

I found little gem at the ABC shop yesterday and have already mentioned it to a couple of Mums who have children with delayed speech or hearing issues so I thought I might as well post about it here. Gorgeous Sofya from Play School teaches AUSLAN with interviews from parents and great tips to help making signing with babies / toddlers a success. On top of that, there are some nursery rhymes to sign and sing along to.

Just a few days till her op now. Last time around it consumed almost all my thoughts, but this time it is not quite as intense. I have dropped trying to get her to practice with her post op teats as it was just leading to tears- hers as well as mine!! We WILL get there.

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  1. I think baby sign language is the new language that is being taught to our littlies. My daughter is 22 months old and her kindy teacher teaches Auslan her class baby sign language on a daily basis either through direct contact or signing books and rhymes. Albeit there are no developmental/impairment issues, but my little one has grasped the basic communication and I have encouraged this at home as at times the shear frustration of still not being able to verbalise her requests, she signs to me and it's an instant understanding. H will shine and be proficient at signing before you know it my dear friend and it will open up a whole new world for you both .


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