31 July 2010

Another celebration

We recently went to a wedding at Nooorrsa but did not realise until too late that the sd card for the camera was back in Brisbane. It has been lovely seeing photos taken by friends and family that have captured things we would have missed had we been taking them. I love my girls in this one. H, looking more like a toddler than a baby, as always is watching and learning from her sister and G is so delighted playing in the sand. 

The wedding was just gorgeous and bride and groom seemed to have a blissful day. Tea Tree bay was a wonderful setting followed by a fun reception at Berados. Children were really looked after by the restaurant with a great kids table complete with paper on the table for them to draw on and nice meals instead of the usual nuggets and chip fare. My big girls were seated with a lovely family of four girls and had such a good time. Husband and I were seated next to her parents who were egging us on to got for a forth "to even things up". Yeah, I don't think so!


  1. Look how big she is. So close to 1.
    As for a fourth I'm pretty sure you said that about 3?????
    Don't worry we'll just match your 3 girls and my 3 boys and get a nice even 6!
    xoxo Jen

  2. G looks enraptured with the sand, Little H looks so grown up already, crazy how quickly that first year goes! sounds like a great trip away

  3. Oh my! I say H only a bit ago and she looks like she has doubled in age! Such a lovely photo.


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