14 January 2011


I am kind of double posting by putting this photo on both of my blogs, but I am trying to stick to very few words on 2011 in photos and I want to speak more about this image.

Of course everyone already knows about the floods that have rocked the eastern states of Australia including the so called inland tsunami and the devastation of our third biggest city. Now we have reached the time after the immediate threat. People can stop, breathe and assess what the hell just happened as the waters begin to recede and they can go back to what is left of their homes and businesses.

Eleventy billion tonnes of water has spewed out of the Brisbane river into Moreton Bay. So much debris is stretching way up and down the coastline. There is everything from what is left of boats to fruit, trees, wooden pailings, doors, toys and even this water tank which I spotted in Bramble Bay today.

The water tank became such an iconic sign of the severe ten year drought our state has recently climbed out of. Governments were subsidising their purchase in the hope that more households and businesses would take advantage of using their own water for things like garden maintenance, filling pools and the like. 
Now here this one sits in the bay. I would assume that it was not in anyone's yard because it would have been full of water so too heavy to move. Still, seeing this item sitting in the bay so far from where it belongs is very sad indeed. 

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