20 May 2008


Monday is blog day for me. I love to spend the evening checking out my favourite blogs and seeing what everyone has done for This is... over the weekend.

Looks like I was enjoying it a little too much tonight and my glass went for a bit of a spill. Better all over the floor than my keyboard, which is what happened with my last computer and come coffee. Bless the lovely people at Asus for fixing it under warrenty anyway.


  1. Did you do that shouting "woah" and holding the keyboard in the air business? That's what i do. lol.

    Your re-cycling looks very organized and efficient.

  2. Love your knitting header. I've been doing some knitting too lately. I'm quite a novice, but am enjoying it. Was interested in your recycle routine.

  3. Oh no! Lucky your computer was saved though. We have a bad habit of breaking things...in fact, Justin broke my mini dragonfly plate last night :(

  4. You have reminded me I need to get back onto my 'This is.....', posts, I stopped when we went away during the school holidays and just haven't returned. Your keyboard needs a spill proof jacket! I've done that once and it survived amazingly.

    Thanks for you lovely comment on Pia's ringing tail, she is getting there little by little. Are you an Aussie, I notice you have a $2 note in your knick knack box? I have a $1 in an old purse my Nan gave me many years ago. We also share a christian name!

  5. I'm pretty good a knocking things over too.. but most commonly it's me I knock over (ie I seem to trip over a lot). I've twice within 2 months tripped over right outside my work (large building in the CBD) and had bleeding knees. When this first happened, everyone at work said "Oh, are you OK?" etc etc. Now, they just laugh and run and tell others that Serena fell over again... Oh well, at least I'm keeping them amused.

    PS I love your profile photo, I also love taking photos whilst in the car....

  6. This is a lovely photo (with a story to tell).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you visit again :)


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