5 May 2008

This Is... a Shoe One

From Hip Hop & Banana Bread This Is The Pair of Shoes I Would Sleep in if I Could.

I am no shoe fiend. I have around 10 pair, most of which are casual and will almost every time consider comfort before look, so the passion behind HH & BB's title does not befit my shoes.

Anyway, here are my current favourites. Not super special but I like them.

As for actual sleep, I can't stand anything on my feet. (Won't show a pic of my bare feet though as they would cause monitors to explode!)

Thanks again to Three Buttons for hosting.

Oh and for this week we were going to do a pic of ourselves pre-1985. This is me on my second birthday and as you would guess from the decor, this is not the 80's.


  1. Your shoes look like something I would wear. Not too high, veratile and comfy. I like them!

  2. I like your shoes too-quite classy I think-cute photo too!

  3. I also like your shoes, I cant wear anything to high or I weeble and wobble when walking..kind of a hazard. What a cute pic of you at your party.

  4. Cute shot of your super cute shoes! I love the tiny heel and white stitching.

  5. i'm not a huge shoe person either, except for my cons, and my uggs( ultimate comfort) and I'm the same I hat sleeping with anything on my feet.

  6. I love that flashback photo - so cute.


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