6 May 2008

Why Don't I Have a Trumpet?

Is the question B just asked me. Because every two year old wonders why they don't have one. It is 11.30 at night so I am watching Conan O'Brien. She woke up just as he threw to the band which prompted her question. She then went on to say that we can get one for her, one for G, one for Daddy and one for Mum.

Here is what she looks like right now in my dark bedroom. The photo is quite dark but I wanted to remember this.


  1. Conan or not, I think "Why don't I have a trumpet?" is a good question to ask any time!

    hmm, now why don't I have a trumpet?

  2. Why doesn't she have a trumpet? - It's a completely logical question! And her suggestion of everyone in the family having a trumpet sounds great. You could hold family horn-offs or something.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm definitely a comfort girl. I have killer heels which I love but can't walk in the moment I leave the house!

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for the nice comment on my BLOG.

  4. Hi Lisa
    have just dropped by to say hi and love that you are a desert dwelling knitter! It's a pretty unusual combination I would imagine.

    I love all your photos and "This is..." posts.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog and for letting me know which dot you are! I will make sure I return to read more about your adventures.



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