25 June 2008

More Flickr Fun

Fi has this one over at 16 Bluebirds...

Following are the searches I did, choosing an image from the first page to create the mosaic:

1. name of birth place
2.country where you live
3. favourite kind of house to live in
4. one word to describe your style of decorating
5. favourite town for a city-trip
6. favourite country for a holiday
7. favourite piece of furniture
8. favourite kind of garden
9. favourite flower
10. a historic place you visited and liked very much
11. where would you move to if you had to?
12. favourite room in your house

Here are the links


  1. That mosaic looks great. I haven't had a go of making one of these yet but that makes me want to.

  2. i think i will have to play this one too.

  3. Your mosaic looks great. I really need to try mayking my own. It sounds like a great fun.

  4. I love that your favorite kind of house to live in is a lighthouse!!! That's awesome!


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