25 June 2008

Happy Birthday Granny

Today would have been Granny's 79th birthday. She was a great lady and a brialliant crafter. I miss her and would love to have a good stitch n bitch with her.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Granny. I miss mine terribly too, but it's so nice you still honour her in this way.

    That photo is just beautiful, a real treasure Im sure.

  2. What a beautiful tribute. I am inspired to post a photo of my lovely Nan too. A gorgeous wedding photo, what a cake!

  3. Oh, this photo is so beautiful, Lisa! Happy birthday to your dear Grandma :)

    P.S "Stitch n bitch" - hehe!

  4. Aw, there's nothing quite like that special bond with a beloved grandmother. I miss chatting to mine too. Happy Birthday to her. What a beautiful wedding photo - just look at that love!


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