26 June 2008

And That's Our Cue to Leave

It is nowhere near as bad as it sounds for us as we are able to go from air conditioned car to air conditioned house, office, mall etc and the girls can still play outside in the afternoon. The people who are building this city and doing other outdoor jobs do not have it so cushy.

So what's on my to do list before our flight to Australia on the weekend?

  1. Charge camera batteries
  2. Back up computer
  3. Download some more music and audio books for the girls on the Zune.
  4. Check that contacts etc are up to date on phone
  5. Do my This Is for the week
  6. Finish packing (need Melbourne and Brisbane/Gold Coast clothes)
  7. Edit the girls' packing
  8. Wash a shawl that I have knitted as a gift for a friend (it will dry in a flash here)
  9. Finish knitting 2 other gifts
  10. Do a load of laundry
  11. Clean the fridge (DH will be here for most of the summer without us so there is no point in leaving food he won't eat in there)
  12. Teach DH how to use the dishwasher and washing machine (I am serious. A big hello from 1955 here)
  13. Lock valuables in the safe
  14. Do some personal grooming so I don't look like an absolute scruff
  15. Pay the guy who washes the car
  16. Pay the housemaid---ME :) See number 12
  17. Breathe


  1. My goodness but that's breathtakingly baking! I bet its *dry* too.

    Good luck with that list - make sure you do #17 a few more times as you work through it!

  2. 45? Wowsers.
    Have such a great time on your trip home. ( I hope you find time to complete your list before jetting off).

  3. You forgot to put sleep on the list...that must be how you're going to get all that done, by not sleeping! Have fun on your trip, and good luck to the dh!

  4. Oooh how exciting - always so much to do before a holiday! Just wait til you get on that plane!

    Loved the hello from 1955. I was thinking of those housewives just today - I read something somewhere that read along the lines of: when your husband gets home, get him a gin+tonic, his slippers, and if dinner's not ready yet, pop an onion in the oven so he thinks it's not far off. Hilarious. No chance of that happening here!

  5. Busy, busy, busy. Have a wonderful trip. Pack your winter woolies. It's cold here in Melbourne.

  6. Have a great time in Melbourne. I agree with BigCat.. it's getting cold here now...

  7. I'm thinking you all have had that heat AND humidity, or is it only Bahrain that becomes a living hell?

  8. Have a great trip! I'm so jealous. My hubby is getting to Australia this summer and I'm the one staying behind :(


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