27 June 2008

Perfect Timing

We just had our final run to check the mail and I was so happy to receive the following;

A copy of Easy Organisation from Maureen of Cooking My Life as her 100th post giveaway. Thank-you very much! If you want to see the ultimate in organisation you should check out Maureen's kitchen as featured in a This Is a few weeks back. It is amazing.

Also in my mailbox, my copies of New Beginnings and Essence. Some great reading for any breastfeeding advocate, parent, grandparent, educator or anyone really. Oh and I bought a copy of Good Housekeeping cos I like it. :)

I have done just about everything on the list except I would still like to put a dash of colour on my toenails and the last of the knitting will have to wait.


  1. Oh wow, looks like some good reading there. Where are those breastfeeding mags from?

  2. Hope the book made the flight a little easier. ;-)


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