8 August 2008

Our woolies are ready for some lovin'

We are off to Melbourne in the morning, with a little prayer to St Christopher or whoever the saint who looks after travellers is as we are flying QANTAS. I never thought I would see the day when I was feeling uneasy about stepping on to one of their planes....

Anyway, back to nice things, here are some of the woolies I have been working on over the last few weeks all packed up and ready to go. The scarves are made following a simple yet effective looking stitch pattern that I found at Yarn Harlot. Also piggle and a variation of calorimetry from knitty can be found among our goodies.

I was enjoying knitting up these scarves so much that I made this one for a friend. His was made with a thicker yarn and I think that the pattern really popped in his. Here it is all bundled up with the care instructions from the ball band attached to one of my Moo cards.


  1. Oh, they all look so lovely. Your knitting is so fabulous.

  2. They look so warm and cosy! Love your tag - great idea to include care instructions!

  3. You'll need them in Melbourne at thr moment-Adelaide is freezing too! They are lovely-great colours. Safe trip.

  4. Lovely yarn and your kniting is wonderful.
    Have a safe trip.


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