6 August 2008


I was tagged by lovely Alexandra from Potty Mouth Mama to share 6 random things about me, so here goes.

1/ I love coffee, but if I dare have a cup after about 3 in the afternoon I am up quite literally all night.

2/ I am an ABBA nut. It was my first word, much to my mother's dismay and by the age of 4 I was working the record player and listening to their albums non stop. Still love them and am enjoying the latest ABBA craze.

3/ I hate words being abbreviated in text messages. c u, gr8 and the like make my skin crawl. Don't even get me started on people using them in emails or forums.

4/ A psychic told me that my husband just bought a band new 4wd and that he needed to get the brakes checked on it. He of course dismissed what she said and did not ask about the brakes when he took it in for it's 1000k service, but when he called to pick it up they said it would be another day because they found a problem with the brakes. do do do do.

5/ I am not keen on sand which is something I am getting over living in a sand pit and all.

6/ I love doing laundry and get a very satisfied feeling looking at my washing neatly pegged up on the line.

Anyone who wants to do this one, please consider yourself tagged.


  1. Oh my goodness, I am with you on the abbreviated words - I can't stand it either!! Ew. So funny about sand.

  2. The psychics prediction was creepy! I am with you on laundry that has been hanging in the sun - so fresh!

  3. I cannot stand abbreviations in text messages, but in emails, it's even worse! If I get a text message like that, I usually need someone else to read it because it just makes no sense to me!
    Ditto for the coffee...I have to cut out all caffeine by a certain time if I want to get any sleep.

  4. my washing never looks like that!

    hehe i had to giggle that you hate sand and live in Dubai.


  5. I am sooooooooooooooo with you on number 3!!!!!

  6. I love reading these random lists! Totally agree with you on the abbreviated words and on the joys of laundry!

  7. OH, Oh, Oh....best you come for a coffee at about 4:00pm and we'll stay up all night dancing to ABBA in the lounge room.... Love the pink washing.
    Love Jen xx
    PS Jed is feeling much better now.

  8. I hate the abbreviated words too. Another one that irks me is LOL. I try to be tolerant thought but I never use any of those abbreviations myself generally.

    Seems like we are all on the same page.


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