5 November 2008


It is a proud day for B who at age 3 years and two weeks worked out that she can burp on cue. At almost 5 years of age, G had no idea and is astounded watching her little sister amuse herself.

Knitting posts coming soon.. promise.


  1. oh Happy Birthday B!!what a fabulously clever skill :) I realised I met you 3 years ago, as B was only a few weeks old..

  2. You go girl! It took me til I was 25....I'm a slow learner. It's a very useful and endlessly entertaining skill!

    Oh, and I love that frock!

  3. When my boys learned how to do that it was weeks before we could have conversations with people outside our house!!
    Those spots are gorgeous, unfortunately I don't think my boys would wear them :-(

  4. That's too cute, I still can't burp on cue, uh, not that I've tried - nope, that would just be silly.

  5. Great photo. And what a fun story.

    So are you back in Dubai or still hanging around Australia now? You need to give us all a good long update.

  6. Oh yes - a talent definitely worthy of lengthy practice and one I have never mastered (I wish). Funny how it amuses her. She is so cute in her spotty dress.


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