8 November 2008

Six Months

Looks like I am going to be very busy with this undyed Montana Tahgee, Blue Faced Leicester and Merino wool purchased from my dear friend K of The Small Things. I originally planned on dyeing all of it, but now it is in my hot little hands I would like to leave most of it in it's current state.

It is well worth the wait, but wow, it took six months to the day to travel via sea mail from South East Queensland AU to Dubai UAE. I know of some sea mail packages that never made it to their destination so I guess i should be grateful to have it at all.

Anyone else had any dodgy sea mail experiences?


  1. wow I can't believe it still..thats just criminal really! I am so glad you got it in the end!

  2. Oh my it's gorgeous....
    Just looking at it and I want to put my hands in the basket and play in the lovely soft squishiness of it all. I bet you can't resist giving it a little pat as you walk past!!!!
    What are you going to knit first?

  3. Wowsers! 6 months?! I freak out if something takes more than a week. That's just crazy. They look so ready to be used, like they're just waiting there for you to pick them up. I know you said you want to leave them the way they are but jeez it's killing me to look at them undyed...I want to make them into pretty pretty colors.

  4. as you said , it is good that they eventually arrived...not only some sea mail nevr makes it , also some airmail evaporates in the air too...

    but lovely stash:)

  5. Sea mail scares me, but I'm happy to say, at least from Japan to Australia, I've had very good experiences.

  6. That looks great. Fun to see what colors you choose.

  7. sea mail is notoriously bad - I'm glad the package eventually arrived!

  8. That is very impressive - six months?! Sheesh, I would have forgotten about it, then it would have been like a gift arriving!!

  9. Yes - I had a parcel returned to me after 4 months of sitting somewhere - I payed airmail for it but the postman did not get me to sign a declaration so it could not leave the country - ODD!


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