16 April 2009


Well my nephew, born in the wee small hours of this morning, USA central time is. Congratulations to my gorgeous sister, her husband and daughter. It was very exciting to be receiving updates from my mother and youngest sister on my blackberry from the time she reached transition until Peter was blissfully enjoying his first drink of breastmilk.

Our darling's secret is safe for another few months, but I really miss knitting longies so I have decided to make several different pair of whatever takes my fancy. I can either gift or sell those that we decide we will not need.

I love the colourway, but am not happy with the pooling both on the body and leg of the longies. I recently made a hat from the same wool that came out in beautiful stripes.

The ruffled cuff is from my Field Guide To Knitting stitch dictionary.

Happy Birthday to my darling Charlotte back in Australia, and in the USA my sweet little nephew Peter and Happy Birthing Day to my wish come true, Rhianon.


  1. a new nephew is very exciting! Lovely.

    What pattern are you using for longies? I want to make some.

  2. Congratulations to all. My favourite cousin is named Peter, it's not a name that is used so much anymore. I love it.

    The longies look like a raspberry ripple ice-cream.....quite delectable....yum!

  3. Your family has a lot to look forward to and celebrate. Love the gorgeous colours and pattern of your lovely knitting:)Those ruffles are the best!

  4. I read the post title and went into a very brief panic. "But you're not due yet!" I thought. Congratulations on your nephew's birth. I'm loving the ruffles on the pants as well.


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