29 March 2009

Long overdue update

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have posted. This is a combination of several things including an obsession with Twitter, illness earlier in the month and I have been knitting up a storm.

My bump is growing beautifully and our wriggly little one is 18 weeks. It is such a relief to be past the nausea and other early pregnancy complaints. It is nice to enjoy all the foods I love again and even had a little of my Beloved's curry when we ordered Thai a few nights ago.

Speaking of the fella, we celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary this week. Time sure does fly!

On to my knitting. Last year while I was in Australia I became involved in knitting scarves that went along with swags for homeless people. I have decided to make a head start this year and have joined the Yahoo group Knitting for Brisbane's Needy. Here are a few things I have made so far that will be making the trip back to Au with us in two months time.


For my family I have made some doll hats and clothes, a soaker and a sweet little tunic for our bubba. The WIP is a kimino top that I need some motivation to finish.

My creation

Some friends in Australia will be having babies soon. Here are some little gifts I made and sent off.


The girls and I have been dyeing wool with Kool-Aid. It is unbelievably fun and easy to do. Here is our first attempt. (Katanya, it is the Merino I bought from you. I hope you are not offended that I used Kool Aid on it instead of a more professional dye!)

Merino +Kool Aid = Fab

Further details about the knitting I have done this month can be found on my projects page at Ravelry.

So that has been our month. The girls are going very well. G can tell the time now and wears her watch everywhere. B is heavily into counting, adding and subtracting. She is also very insistent that our baby is a girl... we'll see.


  1. wow you sooo have been busy!! great that your pregnancy is going well and you are finding time to knit..and no I am not offended in the least, kool aid is a fabulous dyer, only it doesn't have the lasting properties of professional dyes (that said I have a few garments still going strong from food colouring!)

  2. Goodness you have been super busy! the dyed wool is so pretty - never would have though to use kool aid.

  3. I love the Kool Aid wool. It's so lovely.

    Happy anniversary.

  4. The yarn is so pretty!
    Happy Anniversary and glad you're feeling better now =)

  5. You have certainly been busy-glad everything is going so well and you are feeling good:)

  6. Welcome back! You have been so busy! I've just got into Twitter as well, off to see if I can find you and follow you...


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