1 March 2009

Investment piece

With each pregnancy there has been a piece of clothing I have spent more money on than I usually would. With G it was some great trousers for work, B an awesome denim skirt.

Today was my golden purchase for number 3- a maxidress from Prémaman. Super comfy cotton in great colours and room for me to grow. I imagine that I will be living in this. Temps are already above 30 here and it is just going to get hotter.


  1. Do women wear a lot of long dresses there? I don't recall ever seeing any in Bahrain but then that was a long time ago too.

  2. What a lovely dress Lisa, I can see you in it :)

  3. Hi Maureen. Maxi dresses were a big fashion item last summer and perhaps in the coming one too. Prémaman is a French company.

    As far as dressing modestly goes, many of the people in our local community are Muslim so out of respect I wear dresses and skirts to my knees and shirts that cover my shoulders.

  4. That's really pretty! I've been holding off buying much until I arrive home and can try things on. Can't wait to have something new to wear!

  5. looks very comfy to me and stylish too!

  6. Very stylish mama!!!! It's very cool!


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