24 November 2009

Mother Nature delivers a reminder.

After a long day with a hospital appointment for H which has left her feeling a little sore, I was out the front pacing along with her tucked up in her sling. I was also feeling a little miserable and sorry for myself, focusing on what I don't have when Mother Nature stepped in to remind me that when you look at things a little differently you can get a pleasant surprise.

Our three year old neighbour escapes from her house often and likes to come over here. One day she pulled all the leaves off some succulent plants growing in pots. Every last leaf.

I often glance at them think what a shame these plants were ruined.

But today I looked a little closer, and to my surprise all but one or two of the leaves have sprouted and they are their very own fresh and new plant.

Most of the time I feel very happy and content living by the motto that life is what you make it. When I get caught up thinking about what I don't have is when I feel sad. Those plants lost every leaf they have, but now the original plants which were looking quite sparse have not only grown new leaves but are a part of a much bigger, thriving succulent colony.


  1. Some plants just thrive on adversity, as do some people. Wonderful for you to have spotted such a lovely reminder that even though times can get tough, we can dig in, get through and prosper!

  2. Lisa , hi there. I was just trying to catch up on blogs. Are you still in Qld? I can not believe your little bub is so big now. I hope you are keeping well.
    Clo in Oman

  3. Sorry to hear you were feeling lowly.I love that you found the reminder you needed. What a blessing.xx


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