15 December 2009

"Mum look! The baby has whiskers!"

That has to go down as my favourite comment about H so far! Today when out for coffee with the girls, there was a little boy who could not take his eyes off H. Of course, people look at her wherever we go so I just smiled at him and placed my attention back with the girls. When the boy's Mum returned from the counter he said that gorgeous line at the top of his voice. His poor Mum apologised but I told her there was no need to be sorry and that he made my day. As she pointed out, children have such a great knack of saying things as they see them.

He went on for the whole rest of the time we were there smiling at and talking to H. I wonder if he will always remember the baby with whiskers.

Now we have renamed the steri strips that are holding H's plate in place and taping her upper lip to help draw everything together as whiskers. The plate and taping have done the more tremendous job and will hopefully give her surgeon more options when repair time comes.

Speaking of, no date yet. In the meantime, I have been looking at lots of before and after photos from online contacts. What most adults have to say about H really is true, surgeons can do so much these days. I trust that our precious little darling is in good hands.

If you wanted to know a little more about whiskers, this link to a Canadian orthodontist has some information about the plate, lip taping and H's Christmas gift from Dr Hugh, a nasal stint which she will hopefully get next week.


  1. Priceless!!
    Look at all that hair H has it doesn't seem to be dropping out at all. M is developing quite the bald patch, looking more like Dada every day!

  2. She is such a gorgeous girl. What amazing things can be done these days, just amazing.


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