20 February 2010

Did I say things were going very well?

Not long after my last post I noticed that H's temp was quite high for her. After further monitoring over the next few hours, we ended up in the hospital for a sleep over while the Drs did tests to try to work out where the infection is from. Is it the same bug that has struck her sisters and now Dad or is it an infection in relation to her surgery? We still don't know but I have been able to bring her home with the instruction that if she gets worse I am to take her to the children's hospital where a member of the plastics team can look at her.

Either way we will be back in on Monday for her sutures removal.

The hospital where we spent last night was the one where H was born. It was almost like a little homecoming with familiar paediatricians looking after H which was comforting. One was actually present at her birth. Just as lovely, when one of the nurses went down to maternity to get some breast pump parts for me she mentioned to the midwives that there was a little cleft affected girl on the ward. The midwives asked if it was H and were very excited to hear that aside from the fever she is going well. One even popped in this morning to say hello which was so nice.

So for now, we are keeping and eye on her and giving her some antibiotics. Funny, a couple of weeks ago I was concerned about maybe having to add some thickener to her breastmilk wondering what it would do to her tummy. I now realise how precious I was being and that sometimes you just have to let go of the ideals and do what you can under the circumstances presented.


  1. She's looking good even if she is a bit on the warm side. Commiserations on the others all getting sick, that's never fun and definitely not when you are busier than usual.

  2. I do pray that she bounces back quickly and can kick that bug with the antibiotics. it is always so nice when we go back to the hospital/doctors and the nurses come checking up on Aiden. So sweet. They have such a personality that they are never forgotten. :) BTW: I love her jammies, they look like they are perfect with the buttons/snaps so you aren't having to pull them over her head to take them on and off and risk bumping her face.

    prayers for quick healing for the whole family.


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