23 February 2010

A return to routine

Before I became a mother I did not care for routine. It was probably a by product of being a shift worker for 11 years. It did not take G long to teach me that she does need and like a familiar rhythm so with all the changes our family has gone through, finding and establishing routine is what sets everyone back to a peaceful place. 

After H's surgery and everyone in the family but me being ill last week it is time to get back to what we do best. DH is back at the office, G is at school with us doing the school run. My washing is on the line and H is down for her morning nap. B is enjoying having some personal space and my undivided attention. 

Serenity now.

H looks gorgeous. The surgeons did an amazing job which is even more obvious now her sutures are removed. I must admit I find the change a little confronting after so many months of loving her with her cleft. It is lucky those cheeky eyes and blonde hair are the same. She is still not feeling 100% after her fever but she is eating up a storm and her temp has not spiked again so that is a good sign.


  1. She looks amazing.
    So beautiful and doesn't she remind me of her sisters!!
    Love Jen xxx

  2. Fantastic news Lisa. You must all be so pleased and relieved too that she is through this and everything has gone so well. She is looking very sweet in the photo.

  3. Great news :) She looks adorable.


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