1 March 2010

Monday morning

A rainy commute today. It feels so cleansing for the start of a new week, month and season. Autumn is my very favourite time of the year so the girls and I celebrated it's arrival yesterday by cooking up a big pot of vegetable soup. It is G's and my favourite but surprisingly DH and B enjoyed some too. Usually he likes a ton of commercial chicken stock in his soup, but I refuse to use it.

The other new thing that we are celebrating is no more arm splints and pipette teat for sweet H. She is so happy to have her fingers back to suck on.


  1. HOORAY for no splints and pipette teat!!!! Enjoy the change of season.

  2. Yay for H, no splints.
    Love, love your rain photo. Was it taken on the bridge?
    Soup looks yummy.... must make some here.

  3. Love your new blog header too!


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