1 February 2010

The tide is high

This king tide and the blustery winds have come at a big time for us and I can empathise everything getting blown about all over the place. 

H now has a surgery date, two weeks from today. It will be the first of many medical procedures she will have between now and early adulthood with an uncomfortable recovery which includes  he pain of the procedure, drinking from a hard plastic pointy teat, no sucking her fingers and wearing arm splints. for two weeks.

I have finally pulled out my needles and am working on finally completing this for her to wear post op when we won't want to be putting things over her head in cast they knock her sore little mouth.


  1. Such a gorgeous little top, she's going to look so sweet - good luck with the surgery.

  2. Big hugs to you and little H. I'll be thinking of you.
    The top is gorgeous! What a lucky little lady H is.


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