4 February 2010

Waking up from nap time

 She's just too yummy for words. I am trying to take as many photos as I can pre op. I will miss this gorgeous face. It is already dramatically different to the way she was born because of her plate and taping, but being a gradual change it was easy to cope with.

Ten days time brings a big change and a new beginning.  Knowing her, she will take the challenge of recovery beautifully while exercising her rights to pull off her arm splints and nasal stents while she is at it.


  1. She is so yummy. I love the wide open eyes, and the amber around her babys neck too cute both of them.
    Gorgeous photo too!!

  2. Wow, she's grown so much! I know what you mean- it will be really strange looking at her for a while after the repair. *big hugs*

  3. Hi, I'm new to reading your blog, but yes, take as many pictures before surgery as you possibly can!! She's such a beautiful baby!

  4. You'll be surprise at how quickley you will get use to looking at her after surgery, you will all be good, Don't forget to take you camera into hospital and take lots of photos after too. I'll be up tuesday let me know if you need anything.

  5. Good luck with the operation - it is a big step and change for all of you. Take as many photos as you can, she is a beautiful little girl. They will be great to look back at in years to come.


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