12 March 2010

A post about nasal stents

I can't seem to find much information online about nasal stents and the first time I actually saw them was when they were already in H's nose post op. The hospital only gave very vague instruction too so I thought it may be useful information to have here. The reason she wears them is to help shape her nose.

They are to be worn 24/7 and I was told she will be wearing them for approximat€ely 3 months.

So here they are. Little, made of silicon and with holes so she can still breath through her nose. They come in different sizes. She wears a 2.

They are held in with adhesive tape. The surgeon initially suggested using steri strips but because she keeps pulling them out we are now using Hypafix which is stronger. I like the lines on the hypafix as they make cutting the right size and placing the holes in the right spot easy.

So she can breathe, they need holes cut in them. Quite a pain using scissors as they did in the hospital. When I told the plastics registrar that I planned on using a hole punch and he was doubtful it would work. Little does he know the treasure that can be found at the craft store.

The holes are places about a cm apart. I also pull some of the backing tape away from the adhesive and make a little snip into it before placing it back in place. This makes it much more easy to pull it off when it comes time to replace her tape.

Here we are, taped up and not at all happy about it. You can clearly see her cleft palate in this shot too.

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