11 March 2010

Six of the fastest months ever

Here we are. A gorgeous yummy big girl who is looking very tired in this shot taken not long before nap time today.

What can I tell you about her?

She loves being around children and gets a thrill every morning when we go to school. While there, she can spot a staff member who is close to our family from over 15 meters away and will follow her with her eyes.

She is already waving and trying to clap.

She twice has crawled off the bed, once crawling down between us to the end, then off the side. She now sleeps in a cot.

She is highly driven. As we feared, she pulls her nasal stents out all the time and we are now waiting on a second replacement set to arrive from the hospital. Apparently most babies are ok with wearing them, but now and again they get a Houdini who thinks they are optional.

She has the most threatening "you've got to be kidding" look I have ever seen on someone so young. On a day when we have been driving more than usual, I put her in her seat only to receive that look.

She loves cuddles and snuggles right in.

I have a little song that I made up for her and she shakes her shoulders as if to dance when I sing it to her.

She is our world.


  1. wow hasn't her lip healed so quickly! she's a gorgeous girl in more ways than one, sounds like you have your hands full with number 3 :)

  2. She is beautiful!
    They have done an amazing job. She reminds me so much of her sisters!
    So gorgeous all three of them..... can't wait to see you all.

    Well done on your six months exclusive pumping too. You have my complete unfailing admiration.

    Love Jen xx

  3. Oh my god, look at her! She looks incredible.

    She certainly sounds like a very strong-willed little lady!

    Happy half birthday sweet girl xox

  4. She's too cute! And you should be very proud of supplying breast milk for her!


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