10 March 2010

An unusual milestone

Because I got the news of H's cleft lip and palate the day before her birth, I began expressing  immediately making today a special milestone for me. Six months of exclusively expressing for my sweet little girl

By my accounts that is around
  • 170 litres of breastmilk I have produced
  •  540 hours attached to my pump
  • Countless more hours washing pump parts and bottles
I have the most fantastic pump on the market which is backed by a rep here in Queensland who has been very helpful each of the times I have needed help. Without my Medela Freestyle, the backup of both the rep and Mothers Direct where we bought it, there is no way I would have made it this far. I can hold the breastpump in the palm of my hands and it has a rechargeable battery, meaning I can take it pretty much anywhere with me. This makes commitments like hospital appointments and trips to the emergency dept easier knowing that I have everything I need right there.

I am not the only one who does this by a long shot and there are fantastic support groups out there. In fact, in the early days when I was waking during the night to pump I would read the emails submitted to yahoo groups as I was pumping, reminding me that I am far from alone. 
H has a very big interest in foods that everyone else eats and has had a few little tastes this week of fruit. A little piece of apple, banana or watermelon here and there. This is the beginning of her weaning, though I expect she will be drinking my milk for a long time to come. 


  1. Congratulations on reaching 6 months, Lisa! I love my Freestyle too- best money I ever spent. It's so encouraging and inspiring to me that you have made it this far- here's to the next 6 months of expressing!xo

  2. well done Lisa, I dont think anyone who hasn't pumped full time can appreciate how truely hard work it is..but the awesome thing is you've got the proof in front of you! well done!!! great pump by the way..and those output stats would make a cow blush ;)


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