24 May 2010

Teething sucks

She is not doing too badly, but it would have been nice with all the challenges she faces with her mouth to have this as painless as possible. 

In the past week, at eight months of age we have had
  • first teeth. yes plural, she really does refuse to do things in halves
  • pulling herself up to standing only to fall right back on her bum. This does not stop her trying again minutes later.
  • clapping hands
  • climbing one step
  • she pretends to read books and play with the doll house dolls too. It is the cutest thing. She will pick up a book or doll and make talking sounds. Her babbling is very limited due to her cleft but it is so lovely to see her having a go.
She really is my sunshine.


  1. teething does suck!! I hope she's doing well other than that!

  2. oh indeed - mine has been teething from about 3 months and is now nearly 10 months and wait for it NO TEETH YET!

  3. Oh poor baby and poor Mama too. Hope the teething goes better for the next ones.


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