23 September 2010

Belated birthday post.

This is late, but cute nonetheless. She was not well on her birthday so the actual day was a very low key affair. She has taken her first steps but still prefers to crawl, loves to climb the stairs and trying to keep up with sisters.

Speaking of, here are my girls on the day of their 1st birthday parties, all in the same sweet little Esprit outfit. I just wish that I had taken a proper photo of H before she had lasagne all over her face, was overtired and had a bunch of people singing happy birthday. She looks petrified!

Aside from the pale skin and blue eyes, they really don't look that alike. 

Here is a photo of me to add to the mix too. I think that H looks most like me.


  1. Thanks for sharing! You are such a lucky mama.
    Sorry I haven't been in touch lately; just know that I've been thinking of you xox

  2. Aww so beautiful!
    I can see a fair bit of G about her eyes and she actually does remind me alot of B at around the same age.
    Weren't you the cutest... still are!
    xxxxx love

  3. I've been wondering when you'd post again! Such sweet girls!! H does look like you!

    (by the way, I changed my profile so I hope you remember me!!)

  4. Gorgeous girls. Congrats to all of you for getting through this first year. So many milestones. So many successes. Well done.

  5. Gorgeous! She does look like you, such a sweetie. xx


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