27 September 2010

Simple circle skirt

Today was a time warp with a trip back to the fabric store where I spent countless hours against my will as a child. This placed must have been around for about a bazillion years. It was old when I was little and has not changed a bit, right down to the staff, accounting method (scribbling on cardboard), no eftpos or credit card sales and probably some of the stock.

Our mission today was to gather goodies to make some circular skirts. I bought some lovely cotton but decided to see if my abilities are up to par with some fun sparkly fabrics for dress ups. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet so making the pattern was actually quite easy. Both girls were happy and I feel that I am up to the challenge to make some actual clothes for them.

Again my photos are really dodgy, but in 2010 the year of compromise, near enough IS good enough. I will try to dig up some photos of last month's sewing, an Abaya for G to wear to book week.

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