19 November 2010

I really suck at blogging these days

Where has the time gone? Honestly this is ridiculous. My last post was in the holidays and now we are right at the end of term 4. We have been enjoying the warm, long days, all the yummy summer fruits and celebrating the lovely flowers in bloom. 

We sadly said goodbye to the jacarandas at the girls' school in preparation for new buildings. Come January the school will have sixty more children than it did 18 months ago when G started. G has the countdown to the holidays, and her birthday which falls in the first week. On the flipside, B has continued her countdown to the first day of prep. I have helped out in the tuckshop a few times his term and G's teacher has been kind enough to have B in class for the day. She had such a ball. 
H has a cleft clinic appointment in a couple of weeks. In the meantime we were at the gp this week for a bout of tonsillitis where we discovered that her left grommet is still in. On her right side there is a fluid build up
but no infection right now. That is the ear that tends to play up so we will keep an eye on it. 

Her speech is slowly coming on. We have been working on a few exercises to help get those front of mouth sounds happening. We are still signing with her and find it invaluable.

The GP also wants to keep a bit of an eye on her weight. Like her sisters and me as a toddler, H is a skinny minnie. I know that she is healthy and that this is just the way she is, but because she will need surgery again before her next birthday I will be watching this more closely than I did her sisters.

And me? I have finished breastfeeding now. My body had enough and it was getting to the point where I was just not getting enough each pumping session for the time I was taking to feel worthwhile. This has given me hours every single day and we don't need to rush home all the time for me to pump. 

I have knitted some longies for a little friend and some fingerless mits for a big friend. More about those to come. No promises for when I will actually get around to it though!


  1. H is so gorgeous and cheeky looking! What procedure is she having done next year?

    Congratulations on hanging up your pump. It must be such a relief not to be its slave any more, and you must feel like you have an extra 5 hours in the day!

  2. Hi Noelle!

    She will need to have her grommets replaced. It is only day surgery, but I expect they will want some more meat on her bones.

    It is lovely to retire the Freestyle. All the extra time comes in handy at such a mad time of the year.

  3. Congratulations at succeeding with the pump for so long. You are a legend. Your girls are all growing up and taking your time. The blog can wait :-)

  4. Welcome back Lisa : )
    I love that picture of your three girls, they look like total besties!
    Congratulations on all your hard work pumping. You are an inspiration.


  5. Wow Lisa congratulations on your pumping.
    Good Luck for H's next op hope all goes well there.

  6. Hi! Sorry I haven't been around for so long, I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were and how your little one is. She looks just adorable, quite the cheeky one by the looks of that expression. Love to you all.


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