12 December 2010

Craft to brighten a rainy day

I found a great tutorial to make these paper flowers at How About Orange a little while back. Today seemed like a great day to give them a go. We flipped though magazines to choose which pages to use and I pity B's future partner. She was immediately drawn to the Tiffany ad.

The girls have also been working on sewing some gift tags which I can't show here in case any of the recipients read this, and I am knitting another Helena for a little friend's January birthday, because nothing says happy birthday like a cardi in the middle of summer.


  1. Oh LIsa these are beautiful. Well done ti you and the girls. Our decorating and crafting is non-existent at the moment, except for the garden renp!
    If we get some time in the next few days I might give these a whirl!
    Love you and missing you.
    xoxoxxxx Jen

  2. Wow, amazing. I am going to do some! Thanks for sharing.


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