19 September 2008

Melbourne (and Geelong) Mosaic

From Strickerin

With all the illness and drama we have had during and since our visit to Victora, I have not had the chance to sort through my photos. Here are a few images from our trip. Mostly things I see on every visit but never bothered to capture. I love the terrace house third from the top on the left. It is across the road from my FIL's place. A new sight was the tunnel entrances on the new highway out in the east also it was our first visit to the National Wool Museum in Geelong.


  1. wow those photos look like the layout in a travel mag..would love to see them close up!

  2. Great collage. I do wish I could do Picasa with the Mac.

    So sorry to have missed your posts about the illness of the wee ones. Maybe there's not enuf sand in the air in Oz for them! Glad they're safe now.

  3. Great photos!
    Is the girlie better?


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