13 February 2009

Love Fridays- bumming around again

Our little darlings used to enjoy an early bed time, and I enjoyed their early bed time too. A chance to withdraw into a quiet space after a day of mothering. Lately though partying all night has been much more interesting to them, probably because I don't take them anywhere. In the last 6 weeks we have left our compound (townhouse complex, not some cult locked away thing) probably a dozen times.

After an 11.30 bedtime last night, they are exhausted today so I am taking advantage of it and having a bedroom day. They have their little table set up in here so they can draw and my room has become full of toys. I am camped out on our bed knitting a birthday gift for a neighbour and updating some stuff on Ravelry.

One day I will be ready to get back out into the world...


  1. Camping out in the bedroom is so much fun. I love having days like that.

  2. Enjoy your bedroom day. I had plenty of them in my first trimester!

  3. I love bedroom days, I can only imagine how appealing it would be in your early pregnancy!

  4. Sounds like a good combination of fun, rest, relaxation and productivity. Hope everyone managed to catch up on a little bit of sleep too!!


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